Clever wrapping makes it easy to turn a regular bar of chocolate into a special delivery chocolate bar package that looks like a mailed parcel. Add “stamps” and “labels” with fun sayings and cute designs, and you’ve got a sweet gift for your Valentine—or Galentine! The “love letter” packages also make memorable favors for a bridal shower, or engagement party—you can even write guests’ names on them and set them on the table as placecards at a dinner party, escort cards at a wedding, or gifts at the holidays!

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

There are so many fun ways to turn a chocolate bar into a special delivery! First, wrap it in white or brown paper like you would a present, trimming the paper as needed as you go. Then tie a string around it so it looks like a present or old-fashioned parcel. Next, decorate it! You can download, print, and stick on our fun labels and “stamps,” coloring in the black and white ones or filling in the blanks with names or words if you want. You might also:

-Add stickers
-Use rubber stamps
-Draw pictures
-Write fun text
-Cut out a photo—turn someone’s face into the postage stamp!
-Seal with a wax seal

You can also get creative with the wrapping itself—fold a newspaper, a brown lunch bag, or a xeroxed copy of a photo or kid’s drawing around the chocolate bar. Or, wrap a strip of paper around the middle and decorate that instead of covering the entire bar.

Whatever you use to wrap your “parcel,” this paper package tied up with string is guaranteed to become one of your Valentine’s favorite things! For more fun ways to personalize chocolate bars with handmade wrappers, click here, here, and here!

Just note that, no matter how much your parcel ends up looking like a mailed package, you can’t actually pop it in the mail without slipping it into a padded envelope or small box first. Whether you do that, or give it to your Valentine in person, they’ll love the wrapping almost as much as the sweet treat inside!

What You’ll Need


Step 1 Download the Special Delivery Valentine Chocolate Bar template and print onto sticker paper or white paper, then cut out stamps and labels. Fill in the blank ones—draw a face in the postage stamp!, color in the black and white ones, or leave them as is.

Step 2 Wrap the chocolate bar in brown or white paper, as you would a present, taping the ends closed in the back.

Step 3 Decorate your “parcel” by sticking on stamps and labels (use doublestick tape to adhere them if you printed on regular paper), writing directly on the paper, and using string to tie it up with a bow. Now it’s ready for a priority delivery to your Valentine!

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