For a green-and-white, frog-themed Spring dinner party, I made these custom chocolate bar wrapper place cards. I watercolored polka dots for the wrap, added the cut out painted frog, and had my friend Love Jenna Calligraphy write each guest’s name. It makes a great place card, favor, or escort card. Cut out extra frogs and scatter along the table as decor. And of course, the green-and-white wrapper is a spring-fresh pattern on its own, too, with or without this little frog prince.

What You’ll Need

Step 1 Download Frog Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template, print onto light cardstock.

Step 2 Cut out polka dot wrapper and wrap around chocolate bar to measure, secure with doublestick tape.

Step 3 Cut out frogs from template.

Step 4 Secure frog to the first third of the chocolate bar wrapper using the adhesive foam dot, write name to the right of the frog. The dot is raised, which makes the frog appear like he’s jumping up; if you don’t have a foam dot, just tape the frog right on and he will sit flatter against the bar.

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