My friend and party co-conspirator, David Stark and I both love trompe l’oeil details for the witty touch they add to decor as seen in these ornate “vases.” The downloadable drawings turn any cylinder into a vessel worthy of your tabletop or mantel. These downloads fit vessels that can be wrapped in 8.5 X 11 paper—juice glasses, rocks tumblers, or votive candle holders. Wrap one around a cylinder to help your flowers get dressed for a special occasion, or to turn a cup into a fun pencil-holder for your desk. (For a larger container, print out two and tape them together.)

And if you’ve got kids you need to keep busy pre-party, let them color in a few before you decorate! You can use the same technique to wrap any decorative paper around a vessel to create a “vase.” Fill it with flowers and it makes a great gift for occasions from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day.

What You’ll Need


Step 1 Download Instant Vase Wrap Templates and print out.

Step 2 Cut to fit your container.

Step 3 Wrap around container and tape in the back to secure.