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We give gifts to show our love, but this present helps your friends feel loved—and love themselves! A customized mini gratitude journal is a place where your Valentine or Galentine can jot down happy thoughts, record lovely moments, and practice an attitude of gratitude. That means it’s also a perfect stocking stuffer, birthday, holiday, or graduation gift, or favor for a bridal shower, engagement party or wedding.

Small enough to slip into an envelope instead of—or along with!—a card, it’s a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift that’s easy to carry around in a pocket or bag. To personalize it, just download our mini gratitude journal label template, print, cut, and attach to the front of the journal. You can choose from our pre-printed versions, fill in a blank one yourself, or use all of them so that the notebook looks like a well-traveled passport!

Place the customized journal in an envelope and pop in the mail. Add a mini pencil into the envelope if you’re giving it in person. Or, leave the journal at each guest’s place at a party. (Write their name on the blank label and it doubles as a placecard, too!)

However you present it, this is a gift that keeps on giving—keeping a gratitude journal has been linked to lower stress, better sleep and happier moods. Which makes it a perfect present for anyone you’re grateful to have in your life!

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Darcy Miller Designs, Valentine's Day

What You’ll Need

How To

Step 1 Download the mini gratitude journal label, print and cut out.

Step 2 Select which label you’re using and attach it (or several of them) to the cover of the journal (use doublestick tape to adhere if you printed on white paper instead of sticker paper). If you’re using the blank label, write in your friend’s name or any other title you’d like to give the gratitude journal.

Step 3 Slip the journal into an envelope—along with a pencil if you like—and give it to someone who makes you feel grateful!