A special breakfast is a go-to for Father’s Day; go the extra distance for Dad by personalizing it. Whether you spell D-A-D in cinnamon by setting out three side-by-side cups of coffee or cocoa, or sift some powdered sugar over a top of D-A-D pancakes, Dad will feel (and taste!) the love.

Feel free to get creative here! Anything powdered will work (nutmeg, matcha powder, strawberry milk mix, cocoa powder…) and you can put Dad’s moniker on anything you like. Breakfast is a good start, but think about cakes, a tray of brownies, individual cupcakes (one letter for each, like the coffee cups in the picture), or whatever is Dad’s favorite treat. You could even do a paprika sprinkle over a pan of mac ‘n cheese!

What You Need:

  • D-A-D Template
  • Paper
  • X-acto knife (recommended, but small scissors work, too)
  • Edible powder of choice
  • Food or drink to stencil on
  • Sieve or sifter

How To:

Step one: Download D-A-D template, print, and cut out with your x-acto knife or small scissors. (An x-acto knife makes cleaner edges, but shouldn’t be used by kids.)

Step two: Place template over your food or drink (if it’s a drink, make sure not to fill it to the very top of the cup, so the template can rest of the brim and not get wet)

Step three: Using your sifter, sprinkle powder over stencil until letters are full