Dads do an amazing job every day of the year, and so on Father’s Day, let your dad know how much you appreciate him with an Award Ribbon.

The ribbons can be used in so many different ways. Whether you…

Leave on top of his favorite section of the newspaper in the morning

Tape to a card (or use as the card itself–just write on the back)

Tape to a toothpick to stick it in a stack of breakfast pancakes

Make it an actual, wearable first place ribbon by sticking it to a safety pin so Dad can wear it proudly all day

Use as a bookmark

String a bunch on a ribbon to make a garland

Or, even hide a few around the house, each with a different note on them for him to find along the way…

…Dad will know just how much you love him.

Why not mail a card to other dads you know, too? Your uncle, a brother, grandfather, a best dad friend, or any other dad who inspires you might love this extra surprise.

The ribbons come already colored in if you want an easy read-to-go option, but there are black and white versions, too, for kids to color and write a note on the back. Go with our pre-printed sayings, or print out blank and fill in your own note or nickname for Pops.

You can just print and cut out the ribbons, using the designs provided, or customize by coloring yourself. Adding a photo or a drawing of your dad also makes these ribbons extra special.

By simply taping a safety pin to the back of the ribbon, you can make it into a wearable pin for a dad to wear proudly on his special day.

By attaching the ribbon to a plain folded card you can create a custom greeting card.

What you’ll need:

Step One: Download, print and cut out Award Ribbon templates.

Step Two: Attach a safety pin to the back using tape through the non-pointy side of the safety pin so it can be worn throughout the day or pinned to a bag. Or you can tape the ribbon to a folded card to send as a greeting card.

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