Treat your dad like royalty by making him king for a day with this Father’s Day crown. This easy DIY printable crown with decorative jewels comes together in a snap, but allows for endless customization–there are enough different combinations to fill a palace! And though this crown was made with dads in mind, anyone who deserves to feel like royalty can wear it. Whether you use as a photo-booth prop at a party, make a few for the dress-up box, make one to coronate the birthday boy or girl or pair with our paper tiara for the happy couple to wear at an engagement party, all you have to do is print, cut and decorate however you like.
The crown comes in color and black and white so you can color in yourself, and you can even cover the crown in paper gemstones that spell “DAD,” for Father’s Day, or choose a crest that fits his style. You could use whatever craft supplies you might have like sequins, pom poms, bits of colorful papers, feathers, whatever you like! Dads, grandpas, uncles, and all the dads in your life will love receiving their custom crown and getting to be the king, which maybe they’d like to be all year round but they definitely deserve royal recognition on Father’s Day.

These special Dad crests also look great on their own: attach to a toothpick, and you can place them in Dad’s favorite dessert, a special Father’s Day breakfast, or use to top a cocktail stirrer.

To customize this crown you can color in the black and white version from the template using your favorite coloring tools: paints, crayons, markers, etc. Kids of all ages can contribute to the project with so many different jewels to color.

What you’ll need:

How To:

Step One: Print out the template. For the crown, you’ll need at least two pages to make the crown large enough to fit around Dad’s head.

Step Two: Cut out the crown, crests, and jewels.

Step Three: Using the tabs indicated, attach the ends of the crown together to make it round with double stick tape. You can check if it fits Dad’s head before you close the loop.

Step Four: Attach jewels and crests in whatever pattern you like.

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