The way to a dad’s heart is through his snacks. Especially if you’re serving up this Father’s Day Graze Board, which uses all his favorite treats to spell out DAD. For this rad DAD snackcuterie board, we gathered dad’s favorite crispy treats—think pretzels, cheese puffs, nuts, and sweet potato chips to make the D. Squares of hard cheese formed the A, and slices of salami and beef jerky made up the final D.

Just arrange the D, A, D on a food-safe platter or cutting board. (Or, lay some parchment paper down on any board or tray and spell the letters on top of that.) Not only does this truly spell out how much you love your D.A.D. It also gives him a chance to indulge in his favorite treats.

Next, make this savory board super-sweet by printing out our downloadable I and heart templates so you can spell out I <3 DAD. Choose the double heart template and you can fold it into a card to write out a heartfelt message. And if your dad isn’t the snacking kind, you can write DAD in crudité or fruit. Whatever you choose, serve it with love and it’s going to be dadlicious.

This Father’s day graze board is tailor-made for Dad, but a personalized graze board is perfect for any occasion. Make a board in the initials of someone having a birthday or graduation, or the first initials of a couple getting married for an engagement party. Or, forget the initials altogether and assemble an individual graze board of their favorite foods.

What You Need

  • I <3 Template
  • White or colored paper
  • Cutting board or tray
  • Crunchy snacks: We used mini pretzels, cheese puffs, sweet potato chips, pirate booty puffs, sriracha peas
  • Cheese squares: slice a selection of hard cheeses: think cheddar, monterey jack, and colby
  • Cured meats: pepperoni, salami, Slim Jims, and meat sticks.


Step One: Download I ❤️ template, print onto white or colored paper, cut out
Step Two: Arrange crunchy snacks into a D, cheese squares into an A, and cured meat into the last D.
Step Three: Arrange I ❤️ above the DAD, and serve it to the best father ever.