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Our DIY Champagne Cocktail Kit is a fun, elegant way to give the gift of good cheer for the holidays, a birthday party, engagement, or any occasion you’d want to toast with some bubbly! It’s a cocktail party in a box—everything you need to make a classic champagne cocktail, instructions included! Give it to anyone you’d like to share a cocktail with, whether you plan to celebrate in person or over zoom, and if you know a couple who’s celebrating, slip two glasses in instead of one!

A DIY Champagne Cocktail Kit makes a fun favor for a small holiday party or New Year’s Eve wedding. Give one to each guest at your party and you’ve spared yourself the job of playing bartender—everyone can mix their own champagne cocktail!

Everything they need to mix their drink is included:

  • A champagne flute
  • A printable recipe
  • A mini bottle of champagne
  • A mini bottle of bitters
  • A lemon
  • And a bunch of fun extras: A party blower, a pinch of confetti, and a cute red paper cardinal, taped to a foil-wrapped chocolate to bring good luck; the birds are symbols of love, luck, and loyalty

It’s just the thing to drop off to friends and family who can’t get together this year—everyone can gather on zoom to open their gifts and mix their cocktails during a virtual holiday party. And if you are having a virtual cocktail party, use our zoom background to set the mood! You can adapt the idea to whatever cocktail is your favorite. (Just know that all shipping companies have rules about sending alcohol through the mail, so check those out—and if you’re heading to the post office so might have to send sparkling juice, tea, or lemonade, or a gift certificate to a local wine store.)

And if you know someone who just got engaged or married? Find a bigger box and fill it with two flutes! There’s always a good reason to send some sparkle someone’s way!

What You’ll Need

  • DIY Champagne Cocktail Gift Set template
  • White cardstock or paper for printing the recipe, label, and red cardinal
  • Gold paper (optional) for printing Sending Some Sparkle ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Doublestick tape
  • Gold gift box
  • Mini champagne bottle
  • Lemon
  • Brown sugar cubes
  • Bitters
  • Packing straw


  • Blowers
  • Chocolate candies
  • Gold straw stars
  • Confetti


Step 1 Download DIY Champagne Cocktail Kit template, print, and cut out. We printed the recipe, bottle label, and cardinal on white paper, and the Sending Some Sparkles ribbon on gold, but you can pick whatever color you like!

Step 2 Slip recipe into flute, and write recipient’s name on bottle label and secure to the mini bottle with doublestick tape. The label just says Cheers!, so you can add any note you want from Happy Holidays to Cheers to your engagement! Tape the cardinal directly to the gold-foil-wrapped chocolate, or tape the bird to a toothpick and stick that into the chocolate so it appears to be perched on top.

Step 3 Arrange packing straw and ingredients box, slip the ends of the Sending Some Sparkles ribbon into the box and around the ingredients, seal box. Now you’re ready to spread some good cheer!

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