Give guests everything they need to keep the party going—even if they have to take their toast to go.


What you’ll need:

(makes 8)

  • New Year’s Label template
  • 8 1/2 X 11 sticker paper (or regular white paper)
  • 8 mini champagne bottles
  • scissors
  • tape
  • doublestick tape
  • cellophane
  • assorted confetti
  • 8 mini blowers



Step 1 Print out the New Year’s Label template of eight labels onto sticker paper. Cut individual labels out and attach one to each mini champagne bottle. (If you don’t have sticker paper, print on regular paper and use doublestick tape to attach.


Step 2 Cut cellophane into a piece that’s 1 square foot in size. Lay cellophane out and sprinkle confetti across the entire piece (assorted gold shapes shown here). Place bottle face-down in the center of the confetti-covered cellophane, and place blower next to the bottle’s neck. Tape up the bottom of the cellophane to the back of the bottle as shown.


Step 3 Keeping the confetti in place, slowly fold each side of the cellophane over until the bottle until it is wrapped by the entire piece of cellophane. Fold cellophane over at top and seal on backside with tape

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