Darcy Miller Designs, Thanksgiving, Cider Bar

Drinking cider is like sipping Fall. Invite friends and family to spice up the autumnal classic—literally!—by setting out a mix-your-own cider cocktail bar full of mix-ins and fixins.


1. Bitters, 2. Cocktail Glass, 3. Tongs 4. Ice Bucket, 5. Linen Table Runner, 6. Spoon, 7. Pitcher 

Step 1 Start with cider and ice (keep the ice in a separate container so it doesn’t water down the cider, and let guests add their own cubes).

Step 2 Spike it—or not! Set out tequila, bourbon, and champagne so guests can pour their own, or skip it altogether.

Step 3 Sweeten it—or not! Honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar are on hand to tempt sweet tooths.

Step 4 Spice it up—or not! Offer a little of what might please a variety of palettes, whether guests like to bring the heat with cayenne, add some sour pucker with bitters, mix in a little pumpkin spice magic thanks to cinnamon and ginger, or get fancy with licorice-flavored star anise.

Step 5 Finally, accessorize it! Bring the pretty (and add some flavor!) with a twist of lemon or orange, or a stem of sage or rosemary. And of course, print out our illustrated Cider Bar Card Template, cut to size, and place it on the bar so guests can play along.

Step 6 Drink up!

Darcy Miller Designs, Thanksgiving, Cider Bar

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