Gaze at this graze board! It’s packed with so many options, it could be the entire menu at a cocktail party. At a holiday meal like Thanksgiving, set it on the coffee table or sideboard during drinks, place it on the dining table as a centerpiece and first course combo, and bring it back out, next to your dessert spread, for those who prefer a cheese course instead of sweets. It’s appetizers, dessert and decor all in one! A graze board can be an activity, too. Have everyone bring some ingredients to your Friendsgiving, then assemble it together before digging in.

Here’s how to fill your board:

-Think Big: Start with the bigger items that take up space, then fill in the area around them with a mix of homemade and store-bought smaller treats. Our bigger items are a mini stand holding a wheel of brie, and individual bowls of sweet potato chips, popcorn, gluten-free crackers (kept separate from the other breads) and apples.

-Bowl them over: Our other big scene-stealers are vegetables that we turned into serving bowls, a fun seasonal touch. The acorn squash is filled with veggie dip and a baby pumpkin with pumpkin dip.

-Stick it to ‘em: Our go-to when building a board? Breadsticks! Not only do they add height to the visual display, but they’re a hit with all ages—kids might not be thrilled to see prosciutto or brie, but they’ll love grabbing a breadstick

-Mini-mize it! Opt for bite-sized fruits and vegetables, from cherry tomatoes to heirloom carrots. Everything is more charming when it’s tiny (and easier to pick up on a toothpick, too!).

-Upgrade it! Swap your regular produce with a few special varieties such as heirloom carrots, orange cauliflower, and other out-of-the ordinary items you find at local farmers markets.

-Sweeten the deal: Even though this is a savory board, make room for the sweet stuff to balance the flavors of the meats and cheeses. We set out a honeycomb here, but jam or jelly also does the job. Since all these items are as sticky as they are sweet, serve them in separate dishes so they don’t slide onto items next to them. Fruit adds another sweet touch—we went for pears and persimmons and even stuffed nooks and crannies with cranberries.

-Accessorize it! Set out cocktail napkins and toothpicks, not on the board, but next to it—this is a finger food situation (no dishwashing necessary!). On the board, make sure to include any serving utensils you might need; here it’s cheese knives and a spoon to spread the honey.

-Decorate it: Add fun finishing touches to all the bounty. Download our Thankful Banner template, print, and cut- out, and do the same with our Turkey Toothpick Toppers, attaching them to either side of a skewer with tape. Look for fun seasonal decor in shops. Or, make your own arty elements—keep kids busy while you assemble the board by asking them to draw labels or make toppers.

Once your board is packed, everyone can help themselves—a fact which fills every host with gratitude!

1. Glass Cup, 2. White Bowls, 3. Cheese Knives, 4. Gold Bowl, 5. Gold Spoons, 6. Tray, 7. Parchment Paper

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