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This cherry pom pom craft is fast and fun to put together, and adds colorful style to a table top or any other decor. All you need are red pom poms for the cherries, green pipe cleaners for the stem and leaf, and a little glue to attach them together. You can find different size pom poms and pipe cleaners to create whatever size cherries fit your décor.

Once you’ve created the cherries, you can add another pipe cleaner and loop it into a circle, to turn it into a napkin ring. Or, use a ribbon to make the ring, tie it around the napkin and loop through the league of the cherry stem. Add a label with a name, and it doubles as a placecard, too!


More Ways to Decorate with Craft Cherries

  • Punch a hole in a paper bag, thread the second pipe cleaner through the hole, and you’ve got a cherry-bedecked goodie bag.
  • Glue a bunch onto a string as a garland.
  • Attach one on top of a present (use tape, or tie a ribbon around the box and string on the cherry by the leaf) as a gift tag.
  • Hang them off of a name spelled out of pipe cleaners.

The possibilities are endless and the finished look is as sweet as the fruit itself.

What You’ll Need

How To

Step One: Cut green pipe cleaner into two pieces. Ours were 6” for stem and 4” for leaf, but you can make yours whatever size fits your pom poms and your decor.

Step Two: Take the length piece of pipe cleaner, fold in half, dot glue on each end and spear one end into each pom pom, holding in place as they dry. (School glue is safer and easier for kids; hot glue will dry faster.)

Step Three: Take the leftover piece of green pipe cleaner, fold into a leaf and bend the end around the stem of the cherry. Now your cherries are ready to be tied around a napkin or present, strung into a garland or scattered across a table. You can use them as decorative “garnish” almost anywhere!

To see the napkin ring as part of a finished table setting, click here.