What better way to pass some time spent indoors than coloring? Whether you’re trying to keep kids entertained, or want a calming activity yourself, coloring is something everyone can enjoy.

Aside from using all the colors (or any colors you can imagine!), a rainbow has always постільна білизна been a sign of hope. because it appears when there is sun shining through the rain. All over the world, people are making rainbows and placing them in their windows for medical professionals, essential workers, and those taking a walk as they practice social distance to see. It’s a sign of hope, and a fun game (spot them all!) bundled into one.

This rainbow coloring page is inspired by my three daughters, the suns that shine through any rain in my life. You can print out the coloring pages either with the girls or without (there’s space to draw your own favorite people dancing on the clouds!)

If coloring’s not your thing, but you still want to send a cheerful message to дропшипінг постачальники someone you think could use a little hope, you can print out a fully-colored version, too.

And this page works double (or triple) duty! You can also send in the mail as a birthday or congratulations card for family members, doctors, and anyone who needs a smile. (Those balloons are guaranteed to lift any mood!)

You’ll Need:

Step 1 Download and print out the Rainbow Template
Step 2 Color in the black and white version, or use the colored version as is. Then, write a greeting and pop it in the mail, or hang it in your window to share the постельное белье hope.

Color in this page with someone you love! And, if you’re sharing your rainbows, tag us on social media with @darcymiller #DITwithDarcy

See you over the rainbow !

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