From Paris with Love Party

You know what they say—Paris is always a good idea. I also think it’s often the right answer to so many questions like:

  1. What’s a romantic theme for a Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day party?
  2. What’s a great decor idea that makes any room très chic?
  3. Where does some of the best party food in the world come from?

Valentine’s Day and Paris are two of my favorite things. And the City of Love makes a fun theme for a Valentine’s Day party or any occasion celebrating love, from a bridal shower to an anniversary party to a Bon Voyage bash. Here are just a few ways to let the city inspire you.


Start with palette: Red, white, and blue like the French flag—that’s where our red flowers and blueberries came in.

Select some symbols: We went for French flags and the Eiffel tower, both seen in my Paris View Window wall decal (from my Darcy Miller X Chasing Paper line).

Use French words and phrases everywhere: Je t’aime! Vive l’amour! Even just Bonjour! All look très chic written on chalkboards, paper goods from invites to menus, or balloons.

For a French-inspired dessert table filled with croquembouche made in heart-shaped covered marshmallows, we used a white Sharpie to write French sayings on red balloons, then tied them to red boxes with red-and-white baker’s twine. Fill the boxes with candy to use as favors, or write each guest’s name on the balloon to use as placecards.


Set up a spread of French cheeses, baguettes, and patisseries

Crèpe Bar

Déjeuner sur l’herbe picnic with baguette, fromage, and wine

Wine and Cheese

Fondue party (meat, cheese, or chocolate—or all three!)

Champagne and bon-bons

Make-Your-Own Crèpe Station


Make-Your-Own Crepe Bar

Make-your-own crepes, in savory and sweet varieties, lets everyone tailor their treat to their tastes. And the heart-shaped holders, printed with “Je t’aime,” which is “I love you” in French, add that Valentine vibe. (For how to click, here)

(another French word!).

Play French music—whether that’s classics like Edith Piaf or a remix of recent hits you find on YouTube.

Run old French films like Breathless or The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, on mute on the TV or projected onto the wall. Or, go for American movies filmed there like from An American in Paris to Le Divorce.

Ask guests to come dressed à la mode francaise—berets, scarves, Breton stripes. Or, they can come as their favorite French person (Brigitte Bardot! Marie Curie!) or inspired by their most-loved French designer (Chanel-inspired jackets). You can also stock a photo “booth” area with props to add French accent to any outfit: baguettes, champagne coupes, speech bubbles that say “Ooh là là!” (download our printable version here).

Put French twists on classic games like Celebrity (“Are you Karl Lagerfeld? Edith Piaf?) or Charades (French movies, places, people).



Set up a Provencale flower market with buckets of blooms and butcher paper so guests can wrap their own bouquet

Send them home with French treats like madeleienes, macarons, or any of your favorite bons-bons.

Here’s an idea that’s s’eau cool: dress up boxes of candy or some other sweet to look like classic French parfum bottles. (For how to click, here)

Whatever you choose, it’s a great way to celebrate l’amour or just la vie.

  1. Poilâne: The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery 2. Chocolate Bar, 3. Women’s Stripe Shirt, 4. Beret, 5. Necklace, 6. Box of 12 Macrons, 7. Eiffel Tower Sculpture, 8. Kids Stripe Shirt, 9. Darcy Miller X Chasing Paper Paris Decal, 10. Oui bandana