Whether you’re having a staycation and exploring the world from your own home or you just like to play geography games, here’s a fun activity to play with kids. You can even use the map as a placemat or worksheet and the speech bubbles fun toppers for an international snacks. “Oh la la!” goes in a croissant, for example, or stick “Ciao!” in a bowl of spaghetti.




What you’ll need:
  • A blank map (France template shown here, but you can print a map from any country, state or city in the world)
  • A marker
  • Any trivia questions you like!
  • International Speech Bubbles template
  • Toothpick
  • Tape

How to:

Step 1 Print a blank map and fill in with trivia questions. (French template) You can ask about cities, landmarks, historical spots or anything that you like.

Step 2 Print and cut out International Speech Bubbles

Step 3  Attach to a toothpick with tape and stick into any treat

Step 4  Set up map as a placemat (provide crayons or markers for coloring in and trivia answering!)

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