Dress up your sandwiches with our downloadable DIY sandwich toppers! They’re a fun, easy way to make a meal special, whether you’re looking to make a sandwich special, hosting a party with a sandwich bar, preparing a birthday lunch, tailgate, or just want to make dinner or a playdate memorable.

Just download our DIY sandwich toppers, which are shaped like action-packed speech bubbles in comic books, print, and cut out. Fill them with exclamations like Wow! Or Yum!, tape them to a skewer, and spear them through a sandwich.

Write on the names of the person whose sandwich it is, or let everyone make their own sandwich and come up with a name for it. (Or, as we like to call it, a Sub Title.) Then, they can write the title—My Hero! Veggie Delight! B.L.Terrific!—on top.

If you make a series of sandwiches ahead of time, these toppers can double as decor. Spread them along the center of the table and use the words atop them to spell out a sentence like Happy Birthday, Max!, or the letters of the honoree’s name at a party. Serve them at a couple’s shower, rehearsal dinner picnic, or next-day wedding lunch, and you can use them to write the pair’s initials, too: M & J.


Of course, you don’t need to stick to sandwiches! Use the skewers to turn the speech bubbles into cake or pie toppers, or spear them into pyramids of donuts for a sweet twist on the idea.

What You’ll Need


Step 1: Download Sandwich Topper template, print, and cut out.
Step 2: Write exclamation, name, title, or letter on the cut-out.
Step 3: Tape to a skewer and spear through a sandwich, cake, or any other food item.