Croquembouches are one of the most impressive and romantic desserts out there—the classic confection of stacked choux pastries is the traditional cake served at French weddings. Our Valentine’s Day version is just as stunning on a dessert table, but you don’t have to be a pastry chef to whip it up—there’s no baking involved! It’s as simple as covering a styrofoam cone in store-bought, heart-shaped marshmallows,but you could swap those out for donut holes, macarons, or whatever melts your heart. Standing in the center of a dessert display they’re a centerpiece, decor, and party snack in one. (Or, for a kid’s party or crafternoon, putting one together can be an activity too!) Add a topper to make them even more special—we added a paper bow (downloadable here)

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1 Determine the size of your croquembouche; if you want it to be smaller than the cone, cut down with a serrated knife.

Step 2 Cover the cone in plastic wrap to make food safe.

Step 3 Working in sections from the bottom up, use the butter knife to coat an approximately 6” square area of the cone in icing, then press marshmallows into the icing a tight pattern.

Step 4 Continue until the entire cone is covered.

Step 5 If using bow topper, download Bow Topper Template, print, and cut out.

Step 6 Tape bow to skewer and stick into the top of the croquembouche.