A crepe bar lets guests customize their meal to their heart’s content. (And these heart-shaped holders remind them that each one of the classic French treats is made with love.) Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or another love-filled get-together like a bridal shower or birthday brunch, crepes make an easy, romantic spread for a party. Set out grocery store staples in small bowls (these mini latte ones were perfect for our From Paris with Love French-themed party) alongside store-bought or homemade crepes and invite everyone to get creative. It’s an activity, decor and party food all in one—magnifique!

  • Sweet Crepe Bar Topping Bar
  • What You’ll Need:
  • -12 small bowls
  • The toppings of your choice. We used:
  • Top row, l-r: Raspberries, Whipped Cream, Nutella, Sprinkles
  • Middle Row, l-r: Sanding Sugar , Pomegranate Seeds, Sliced Almonds, Strawberries
  • Bottom Row: Heart sprinkles, Coconut flakes, Jam, White Chocolate Chip

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Valentine's Day


  • Savory Crepe Bar Topping Bar
  • What You’ll Need:
  • -12 mini latte bowls or other small bowls
  • The toppings of your choice. We used:
  • Top Row, l-r: mushroom, parsley, Turkey, basil
  • Middle Row, l-r: Crumbled Bleu Cheese, smoked salmon, goat cheese, Cherry Tomatoes
  • Bottom Row, l-r: Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Chives , Cubed Ham, Chopped Scallions

Along with toppings, set out:


-Food-safe wax paper, cut into circles (see template here)

-Heart-shaped holders (you can print our downloadable template in color or black and white to color in yourself, or use it as a template to cut out solid-color holders)

-Pens so everyone can write their names on the holders

Once each person has folded their crepe, they can

Step 1 Wrap it in a wax paper circle

Step 2 Slip it into their personalized holder

Step 3 Enjoy their crepe

Heart-Shaped Crepe Holders



Step 1 Download Crepe Holder Template, print, and use it to trace the shape onto food-safe wax paper.

Step 2 Cut out wax paper.

Step 3 Download Crepe Holder Template, print on white card stock and cut out.

Step 4 Trace the template onto red construction paper and cut out.

Step 5 Fold where indicated on the templates and secure holders with tape.

Step 6 Wrap wax paper around the crepe and slip into the holder.

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