What makes a Valentine card even sweeter? When you add a little something extra, whether it’s a chocolate heart or your own sealed-with-a-kiss lip print. Our downloadable Valentine designs leave room for you to tape on foil-wrapped candies or leave a lip-print to make them your own. They’re a fun way to combine a card and Valentine’s chocolates—and easy enough to make for the entire classroom or office! (You can color print the design or download a black and white version for kids to color in themselves.) And the Bisous for You card lets you send kisses long distance, whether you go for foil-wrapped chocolate lips or pucker up and plant some on the card yourself!

What You’ll Need:


Step 1 Download Valentine Card templates, print, and cut out cards

Step 2 Tape foil-wrapped chocolates in the white spaces—or put on some lipstick and sweeten it with a kiss!

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