Valentine's Day centerpieces

Here’s some sweet talk: Last-minute Valentine’s Day décor couldn’t be faster, easier, and more heartfelt, thanks to these Sweet Hearts Centerpieces. All you need are some clear glasses and/or cylindrical vases, such as hurricane lamps, and a whole lot of conversation heart candies.

Now it’s time to get creative, turning the vessels into heart-filled decor. You can simply fill a vase with the candy, download our printable conversation heart template, cut out a heart, nestle it into the candy hearts, and voilà: A super-sweet centerpiece that’s ready in minutes.

Or, you can get a little fancier by turning the candy-filled cylinder into a candleholder or vase for flowers. To do that, just place a votive candle in a glass candleholder, or a small vase of flowers, in the center of a larger glass cylinder, then fill in the space around it with candy hearts to hold the central object in place.

Keep it simple with a single heart-filled centerpiece, or make a whole bunch and line several of them down the table at a Valentine’s Day party. You could also group several smaller candy-filled cylinders, candleholders, or vases together and have everyone take one home as a sweet favor. Top each glass with a paper conversation heart with someone’s name written on it and leave one atop each plate at a dinner, and they double as place cards, too. To sweeten the deal even further, print out additional paper hearts to use as cupcake toppers or table decor.

Conversation hearts are iconic Valentine’s Day symbols, but these pastel centerpieces fit right into any event that celebrates love. They’d be great at a bridal shower, bachelorette or engagement party, and they’re right on-palette for a baby shower, too. Print out a few blank ones and write in the initials of the engaged couple or their wedding date for an engagement party, the name of the honoree for a birthday party, or phrases like “Baby Love!” for a shower.

For more fun conversation-heart decor ideas for Valentine’s Day or any occasion that warms your heart, click here.

What You Need

  • Downloadable Conversation Heart template and paper or cardstock to print it on
  • Round glasses and/or clear, round vases like hurricane lamps
  • Conversation heart candies
  • Votive candles or small round vases with flowers (optional)


Step One: Download our Conversation Hearts template, print on paper or cardstock, and cut out.

Step Two: Create centerpieces: Fill a glass or vase with conversation heart candies and nestle one of the paper hearts into the candies at the top. To create a candle holder, place a votive in a glass candleholder in the center of a larger cylinder, and fill in the space around it with candy. To create a floral centerpiece, place an empty vase in the center of a larger glass cylinder, and fill in the space around it with candies. Then, pour water into the empty vase in the center, taking care not to get the surrounding candies wet, and arrange flowers inside it.

Step Three: Decorate your table (or mantel, or foyer console, wherever!). Place a single candle-filled vessel, candleholder, or floral display in the center of the table, arrange several together as a grouping, or set one at each place as a dinner party. Scatter extra paper conversation hearts around the table for a super-sweet occasion.