One of Passover’s must-have traditions is setting a seder plate set with ceremonial items. Whether you’re not home or just don’t have one where you’re celebrating, but want to observe tradition, this is an easily downloadable and printable version.

You can print the plate and the ceremonial items in color, or in a black and white version the kids can color ahead of time or as an activity that night. Or, just print the plate, and draw in your own items. And if you’re calling into a virtual Seder, no matter where you’re logging in from, even if you don’t have your family seder plate, you can print out one of your very own.

What you’ll need:

Step 1 Download Paper Seder Plate and Ceremonial Foods Templates, print, and cut out.

Step 2 Invite kids to color in the centerpiece or make your own artistic statement.

Step 3 Tape in the foods and set it on the table for one more way tonight is different from any other.