Why have a plain old party hat when you could spring into the season with a hoppy bunny? You don’t need much to make a Peter Rabbit for your head. Whether you’re throwing an Easter brunch, a baby bunny baby shower, or a menagerie-themed birthday party, these easy DIY hats say you’re hoppy to be here!

You can also use them as cake toppers, or lined up down the table as decor your guests can don when everyone sits down. Get creative with the colors–whether you go pink, white, grey, or something totally different–and feel free to personalize to your liking. Think pipe-cleaner whiskers, rosy cheeks, or eyelashes!

What you’ll need:


Step 1 Download the Party Hat Template, print and cut out each shape.

Step 2 Using the template as a guide, trace the shapes onto cardstock. Use one color for the hat and big ears, one color for the inner ear, and one for the nose, and cut out

Step 3 Roll the party hat shape into a cone and glue or tape shut

Step 4 Tape or glue the inner ear shape onto the larger bunny ears

Step 5 Fold about a half-inch (don’t worry about being precise) of the bottom edge of the ears back to make a flat tab.Tape or glue each ear to the sides of the hat so that the ears stick up, and the tab lays flat against the hat.

Step 6 Draw a bunny face (two dots for eyes and back to back “J”s for the mouth!) with your black marker, glueing or taping the nose in the center.