Any birthday, anniversary, or reunion is going to have those milestone years when the celebration is extra-special. Whether it’s your 30th high school reunion dinner, your parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage, or it’s your husband’s 50th birthday party (or just a dinner for the two of you at home!), making the theme of the day all about the number is as easy as one, two, three.

Bring the number into everything including the eyewear. These easy DIY paper glasses make great photo booth props, party decor, or can even act as a napkin ring on a place setting if you wrap the paper legs around the back of your napkin. If you don’t want to do a lot of cutting, pipe cleaners can be bent into number shapes, too! Even if you can’t celebrate in person, these are an easy way to dress up a Zoom party, a FaceTime greeting, or any other video call to honor the occasion. Everyone can print and cut out at home!

What You Need:

Step One: Download and print the Milestone Glasses template and cut out the number you’re celebrating.

Step Two: Carefully cut the eyeholes and any other spaces out of your numbers. This is easiest when done with an x-acto knife, but you can also lightly fold your glasses (so as not to cause a crease) and use scissors to cut circles out from the fold.

Step Three: Tape paper legs to glasses

Step Four: Voila! Put on and you’re ready to celebrate!

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