The easiest way to serve to friends and family is also one of the most fun! DIY food and drink bars are my favorite when entertaining. Whether you’re throwing a post-slumber-party breakfast, casual brunch, or even a laid-back bridal or baby shower, a make-your-own-yogurt parfait is a healthy option that suits everyone’s taste. It’s easy to set up, looks pretty enough to act as a centerpiece to the table, and since everyone builds their own bowl, you’re free to enjoy the party!

What You’ll Need

  • A few flavors of yogurt (Think: plain, vanilla, strawberry, etc..)
  • Toppings! Aim for a range of different textures (chewy, crunchy, seeds) and flavor profiles (sweet, sour, savory).
  • Bowls for serving and one for each person
  • Spoons for serving, and one for each person.

Set out toppings and yogurt right before the party starts and invite everyone to go for the yogurt!

Wondering what toppings to serve? Consider:

-Fruit: We used grapefruit segments, sliced star fruits, kiwis, and strawberries, cubed dragon fruit, whole raspberries and pomegranate seeds. You could also go for blueberries, blackberries, sliced apples, pears, bananas—anything you like in your yogurt!

-Syrup: Honey was our sweetener of choice but maple syrup, chocolate, or caramel sauce adds a decadent touch, while peanut or almond butter makes a bowl heartier.

-Crunchy Mix-ins: Our picks were granola, chia seeds, and cereal. Nuts are also popular, and you can also go for pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

-An Element of Surprise: We added juice-filled boba balls for a fun, unexpected option. Chocolate or butterscotch chips tempt sweet tooths, citrus zest adds a tangy pucker, candied fruit or even gummy candies are a chewy addition.

1. Glass Jar, 2. Glass Straws, 3. Pink-Gold Utensils Set, 4. 2-IN-1 Nesting Food Bowls,
5. Greek Yogurt Maker with Stainless Steel Strainer, 6. Bowl Set,
7. Metallic Lunch Box, 8. Electric Yogurt Maker


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