Give every day that “It’s your birthday!” feeling with this simple “Happy Hack” for celebrating anything. If you want to make a person you love feel special, there’s no need to wait for their birthday or anniversary to roll around! Just grab a birthday candle, and stick it into whatever you’re eating.

That could be:

  • A piece of pie
  • A bagel
  • A slice of fruit
  • A puffed rice square
  • A wedge of cheese
  • A piece of sushi
  • A cookie
  • A waffle
  • A slice of quiche
  • A donut
  • A sandwich
  • A scoop of ice cream
  • Anything you’re about to eat!

And if you’re eating something that can’t support a candle (like a slice of thin-crust pizza or some fast-melting sorbet), just heat the bottom of the candle until it melts, then stick it directly onto the edge of the plate.

Once you’ve got the candle standing up, light it and invite your friend to make a wish. While you’re at it, set up a candle for yourself, too, and make your own wish.

It’s an almost-instant celebration for any occasion or to turn an ordinary day into a special one. You can also use this hack to celebrate something good that sneaks up on you unexpectedly—a kids’ soccer goal, friend’s promotion, an easy commute. And if you realize halfway through the day that your colleague/kid’s teacher/dry cleaner is having a birthday, anniversary, or some other milestone today, it’s a great way to get a party going fast. It’s such an easy way to celebrate, you’ll find yourself looking for excuses to do so all the time.

What You’ll Need

  • A birthday candle
  • Something edible to stick it into (or, just a plate with some food on it)
  • Matches or a lighter

That’s it—really!


Step One: Stick the candle into a cupcake/sandwich/grapefruit half, whatever food you have around. Or, alternatively, heat the base of the candle until it’s melty, then adhere it straight onto the side of a plate.

Step Two: Light the candle. Invite your friend to make a wish, or make one yourself.

That’s it! Happy wish-making day and many more!