Gradutation, advice, card, for graduates

The future is filled with possibilities, so many roads you can take. With this easy, guided template, you’ll be able to write a note to your future self to be unsealed at a specified date, or after a specified milestone has occurred. It’s fun to look back, not only to see if you accomplished everything you wrote here, but to see what your dreams were once upon a time.

Whether you’re a middle-school teacher giving it to your eighth grade grads to fill out to be opened on the day of their high school graduations, or you’re writing it to yourself on your 25th birthday, not to be opened until your 50th, it’s always fun to look back. This is good for parents to give to their kids at milestone ages, and fun for parents to fill out themselves. Perhaps you have a big move coming up, and want to remember the person you were in your old home–write a letter on the day you move, dreaming big about all that is to come, and date it to be opened after you’ve been settled in your new place for a full five years.

Whatever milestone or era of your life you choose, it’s always amazing to see how much we’ve changed–and how much we’ve stayed the same. Have you traveled to Spain just like you planned? Did you get to meet your idol, or learn how to crochet? Did you spend time with the friends and family members you wanted to enjoy–or maybe you met new ones along the way!

Once opened, your Letter to Self is a keepsake, too, so save it in a scrapbook or a special drawer, and you’ll be reminded of it again and again.

All you need to do to make one–whether for yourself, a family member, a child, or your whole group of friends–is to download, print, and cut out the Letter to Future Self Template, fill it out, slip into a dated envelope, hide away, and no peeking until the date written on the front of the envelope has come.