Darcy Miller Designs, Graduation

This graduation season, say “congrats” loud and proud with these printable props you can use to amplify your cheers or show your excitement for the graduates. Set a megaphone and pennant out at each place at a graduation dinner, use as decor for a grad party, or use the megaphone to cheer on your grad during the ceremony. Even though it’s mini, when you yell “YOU DID IT!” into the small end of the megaphone it will actually make your voice louder!

Print out in black and white so you can color in with your school colors. Or…

Print out already fully colored in!

The pennants are the perfect size to attach to a wooden skewer or toothpick (or even a pencil!) and wave with joy as you help celebrate this milestone. Whether you wave on a Zoom call, tape to a gift as a festive add-on, or slip into a conGRADulatory card, your grad will feel celebrated.

What you need:

Step One: Download, print and cut out Megaphone and Pennant templates

Step Two: Roll the megaphone into a cone, taping or gluing shut at the tab (the portion at the end with no artwork).

Step Three: The rectangular strip is your handle. Fold on the dotted lines and use these as tabs to tape or glue to the bottom of the megaphone

Step Four: To turn the pennant into a flag, tape to your wooden skewer or pencil