Tip your hat to the graduate by dressing up a party with commencement-themed garlands in school colors. Cut caps into a chain (like you used to do with paper dolls), then tape them together to wrap cake stands, serving trays or stick in your scrapbook.
What You’ll Need:

How To:


Step 1 Fold colored paper in half from the top down to make a rectangle


Step 2 Fold the bottom edge of the rectangle up to meet the fold. Flip paper over and repeat on the other side, to form an accordion


Step 3 Print, then cut out Graduation Cap template.


Step 4 With the “accordion” narrow end up, trace template onto paper, and trace onto folded colored paper, as shown. Using your scissors or X-acto knife, cut out cap shape, making sure not to cut the folded edges.


Step 5 It looks like you’ve got one graduation cap, until…. Unfold into a garland. Repeat in as many colors as you like, and attach with doublestick tape.


Celebrate your star student with these speech bubble cake toppers. For extra credit, print out photos of your grad, cut them into circles, attach to skewers, and add them into the mix. Use them on cupcakes, brownies, donuts or whatever is the graduate’s favorite treat.


What You’ll Need:


How To:

Step 1 Print out Speech Bubble Template and cut out as many as you need

Step 2 Tape each bubble to a toothpick or skewer

Step 3 Top your treats!

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