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It’s the thought that counts. But whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, or need a gift for any other special occasion, our DIY printable coupons and cards let you present that sweet thought in a fresh, fun way. It’s a handwritten note and a gift all in one! Or it’s a fun add-on to a gift! You might give mom a phone case and a coupon for an hour tech support session. Or give a friend a re-usable coffee cup and a coupon for a walk in the park.

The coupons also work any day you want to tell someone they’re awesome, whether it’s Teacher Appreciation Day or just Tuesday—why wait for an occasion? Sharing the love makes you feel good and the person you’re giving the coupon to feel great!

And they’re so easy to make! To create an instant gift, just download our DIY printable coupons, which look like special tickets. Then fill in the phrase, or a gift the coupon can be redeemed for—that could be:

A kiss
A walk in the park
Dinner out
A trip—to the ice cream store or around the world!
A gift you’ve ordered that hasn’t come in time

Some of the coupons work as customized cards, with spaces for you to write what you love about mom or a friend, or what makes her awesome. They’re sentiments she’ll want to keep forever—and you double the gift by presenting them in a wallet, decorative box, or our DIY mini envelope card case.

Or, just use the coupons as inspiration to write a sweet “just because” note. Tape one to their laptop or slip it into a book they’re reading like a sweet scavenger hunt. It’s always a good time to give a sweet note.

Darcy Miller Designs

For an extra special keepsake, print our large coupon directly onto Shrinky Dink paper using an ink jet or bubble jet printer (a laser printer won’t work), then bake to shrink to credit-card size, so it fits into our DIY mini envelope card case. You can also print the smaller coupons onto Shrinky Dink paper, and bake them down to tiny charms.

What You’ll Need

  • Downloadable DIY Printable Coupons template
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen, pencil or crayon

For the Shrinky Dink version, you’ll also need

  • Shrinky Dink Paper
  • A Sharpie to write on it


Step One: Download DIY Printable Coupons template, print, and cut out.

Step Two: Fill in the blanks with sweet thoughts, future experiences, gift descriptions, or other messages.

Step Three: If you printed on Shrinky Dink Paper, punch a hole in the corner, then bake in a conventional oven or toaster oven for 1-3 minutes—watch to see the edges curl up then flatten out again.

Step Four: For paper charms, skip the above step and slip the note into an envelope or our DIY card case, tape it to a gift box, slide it under her pillow, add it on a breakfast in bed tray or give your coupon any you like!