With a little gold paint, turn shelled nuts into an elegant garland perfect for the holidays, or any day.
What you’ll need:
  • assorted nuts in the shell (walnut, hazelnut, almond and pecan shown here)
  • paint (gold shown here)
  • paintbrush
  • paper (gold glitter shown here)
  • circle punch or scissors and something round (like a quarter) to trace
  • thread
  • ribbon
  • small jump rings
  • hot glue gun

Step 1  Paint half of the shell of each nut, let dry


Step 2 Glue one ring, open side down, onto each nut with glue gun, let dry

Step 3 Punch circles out of glitter paper (or trace small circles and cut out with scissors) and poke a small hole at the top of each one.


Step 4 Loop a piece of thread through the rings on each nut and tie to tighten. To make the knot secure, knot about three times. This step is easier if you work with longer thread. Leave a few inches of thread as you’ll use this to tie the nuts to the ribbon. Repeat with paper circles, looping thread through the hole.
Tie strings with nuts and circles attached to ribbon and repeat, spacing as you like.Optional- once hung, finish with gold satin bow on each end of garland
photo credits