One thing we learned when my friend, event planner Bryan Rafanelli, took over our mantel decor for winter? Baby’s breath isn’t just for bouquets! When massed together and displayed on a mantel or tabletop, it looks like a snow-covered tree or bush, and adds a little romance to a wintry scene. Or, use floral foam to shape sprigs into a “snowball” like the ones Bryan made for us. The arrangement looks as if the “snowball” is floating above a glass vase. Here’s how to make your own “Snowballs.”

What You’ll Need

  • Baby’s Breath
  • Ball of Oasis Floral Foam
  • Scissors
  • Glass Vase

Step 1 Soak an Oasis ball in a small amount of water until soft.

Step 2 Snip baby’s breath into sprigs and stick them into the ball so that the top half is covered.

Step 3 Place the ball, flower-covered-side up, into a vase with an opening slightly smaller than that of the oasis ball; the uncovered half of the ball should sit nicely inside the vase.

Step 4 Fill in the visible edges of the oasis ball with more sprigs of baby’s breath so that no green foam shows and the ball appears to be floating in the vase. Repeat to create as many “snowballs” as you like.

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