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Why should kids with backpacks have all the fun? Whether you’re looking to make a gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just to personalize your look, DIY bag charms are a fun, fashionable way to add style to any bag. You can add as few or as many charms as you want—placing one or two on a keychain—or group them all together on your bag strap. My favorite things are always the most personal—drawings, photos, and accessories in your favorite color palette.

Whether you DIY your bag charms, add store bought accessories, or mix a whole bunch of chic extras together, there are so many fun things you can attach to a key ring and slide onto your bag’s strap!

BEADS: String alphabet beads onto a leather cord or safety pin to make a message key chain. You can write a note like YOU ROCK, an acronym like ILYSM or just use the initials of people you love.

MINI ENVELOPE: DIY a mini envelope card case out of vinyl, and slip a gift card, IOU, love note or even a Valentine inside. (For a coupon that’s just the right size, print our downloadable template—use regular paper or print the large one on Shrinky Dink paper to bake down to size.) If you’re making the envelope for your own bag, use it to carry credit cards and IDs.

SHRINKYDINKS: You can draw anything you want on Shrinky Dink paper—portraits, images, words—then bake it so it shrinks, hardens, and becomes a Shrinky Dink bag charm. If you have an inkjet or bubble jet printer, you can also print on Shrinky Dink paper.

POM POMS: Soft, and fluffy, these add both color and coziness to a bag.

LOCKETS: Fill one—or several—with photos of faces you love. Layer on a few: one for each kid in your family.

TASSELS: Loop one onto your bag to make it look chic and invite good luck—in some cultures, tassels are thought to brush away bad vibes

VINTAGE CHARMS: Have fun hunting for anything from letters to pendants.

RIBBONS: Tie one into a bow to give the personalized charms as a gift, or or loop it like a scarf to add style to your bag.

Darcy Miller Designs

Once you’re done, you’ve created a bag that’s as charming and unique as its owner!

What You’ll Need

  • Large key ring
  • Charms, tassels, card cases—anything you like—attached to jump rings

How To

Step One: Unscrew your key ring and slide on the jump rings attached to your charms.

Step Two: Loop or tie on anything attached to a cord like key fobs or tassels.

Step Three: Close the key ring around a bag strap and get ready to strut your one-of-a-kind stuff!

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Darcy Miller Designs

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