Here’s a sweet way to keep kids from misplacing their face masks—and to keep them amused. It’s perfect for Halloween or an afternoon craft. Set up a station where they can string candy pieces into necklaces or candy mask chains for face masks.


You can find candy that already has a hole to pull dental floss through (like Sweet Tarts or Life Savers). Or, string needles with dental floss—it’s food-safe and the candy slides onto it more easily than onto string—then pierce the middle of gummi candies and jellybeans and pull them through onto the floss. Just keep in mind that some candies get stickier than others while stringing, so choose wisely!

For larger wrapped candies, forego the floss and use plastic lanyards, tying a knot around the twisted foil on either side of the sweet.

Once the desired length is reached, you can tie the ends together to make a necklace, or leave them open to tie around the ear loops of a mask.

Kids can alternate candy colors to make a pattern, mix up candy types and have fun with it—it’s a new kind of sugar rush!

What You’ll Need

  • Needle
  • Dental Floss
  • Scissors
  • Candy (Gummies, Red Vines, Sweet Tarts, or wrapped candies)
  • Masks (optional)


Step 1 String needle with dental floss, cut it at the desired length and knot, making sure to leave some extra floss past the knot at the end. If your candy already has a hole in it you can skip the needle. (Or, if you’re using wrapped candy and plastic lanyards, start tying knots around the twisted ends of each foil-wrapped sweet, and continue until you reach desired length.)

Step 2 String candies either through their central hole or by piercing through their center and pushing them down to the knot.

Step 3 Once your candy chain has reached the desired length, knot and cut, leaving a tail of floss at the other end.

Step 4 Tie ends together to form a necklace, or tie each end to the ear loops of a mask so you can wear it around your neck when you don’t have it on your face.