Give your cupcake display a spooky twist with plastic critters and spiderwebs that are made just like classic paper snowflakes.


What you’ll need:

  • plate, cake stand or other flat display surface
  • cupcakes (chocolate is spookiest)
  • plastic spiders (or eyeballs or worms or fingers)
  • black paper
  • scissors

Step 1 Begin with a square piece of black paper

(To make a rectangular piece into a square, fold one corner all the way down to form a triangle, and trim off the additional paper.)

Step 2 Fold the square paper in half into a triangle

Step 3 Fold the triangle in half two times to form a smaller triangle

Step 4 You will now have a triangle with two short sides and one longer side. Fold one of the shorter sides down so that it lines up with the long side. Trim off excess (will leave you with a tall, skinny right triangle).

Step 5 Cut a half-circle out of the shortest edge.

Step 6 Starting at the bottom of the triangle, cut thin rectangles out horizontally, moving toward the folded edge (but not cutting through completely).

Step 7 Snip off the tip of your triangle, and cut a small triangle between the curved bottom and your first rectangular cut.

Step 8 Unfold your spider web and drape over your stand or plate.

Step 9 Top cupcakes with creepy crawlies and arrange on top of the webs.


Just make sure to remove anything inedible before serving to your littlest guests!

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