Keep track of whose wine is whose with our printable wine charms. Inspired by Chianti, and the red rings it—and any red wine— can leave on napkins or tablecloths, each printable wine glass charm has a slightly different pattern. Let guests pick the one they like best and write their name on it before slipping it on the stem of their wine glasses, so no one mixes up their drinks.

Write a guest’s name on each card ahead of time and slip the printable wine glass charms around the glasses before a party starts and they double as a placecard, too!

Some of our printable wine glass charms say “Cin Cin”—one way Italians say “Cheers.” To add more Italian ambience to your event, you can print out our downloadable banners with other Italian well-wishes, or our “Cheers to Chianti” banner, by clicking here. Once you’ve poured out the wine, you can also follow our how-to to turn the empty wine bottle into a candle holder, in a modern update of the chianti candleholders Italian restaurants used to display.

Of course, there’s no need to make a whole celebrazione out of it! Even if you’re just sitting around chatting, there’s nothing like friends and wine to make you feel like you’re living la dolce vita!

What You’ll Need

  • Printable Wine Charms Template
  • Cardstock (We used gold paper, but you could use craft paper, white, or any color that’s light enough for the design to appear.)
  • Scissors
  • Wine Glasses
  • Pens (optional)


STEP 1 Download the Printable Wine Charms template, print onto card stock, and cut out.

STEP 2 Snip along the marked line, and slip onto stems of glasses.

STEP 3 Pass pens around so guests can write their initials on their charms. Make a toast! Cin Cin!