Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Halloween, Gourd Decor for Halloween

Decorating with gourds is fast, fun, and easy. And, of course, gourd decor looks gourd-geous for Halloween! Just take gourds, pumpkins—even zucchinis and onions, whatever you have around! Then, add a little extra embellishment to dress them up for Halloween. Download our templates, print, cut out, and attach onto the gourd with tape or a glue dot. Have fun with different types of gourds—gooseneck ones that really look like they have necks, wart-covered witchy ones, stackable ones. Start with a large one and stack them in a pyramid or gourd Jenga! However you arrange them, when Halloween’s over, remove the add-ons and your table is ready for Thanksgiving!

You can focus on one showstopping gourd or arrange gourds of various sizes across the table. Then, add fun extras, from eyeballs to gauze.

Here are some eye-popping ways to make the most of gourd decor!

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Halloween, Gourd Decor for Halloween

Download, print, and cut out our eye templates, then attach them to gourd centerpieces with glue dots or tape. You can add a pair of eyes, a single one for a cyclops gourd (or onion!) or give a gourd a third eye. Print out our templates in black and white to color in your own eyes, or attach googly eye stickers. You can also use glue dots or tape to stick on any kinds of eyes—erasers, foil-wrapped chocolates, beads, whatever! Or, pull out a marker and draw eyes on yourself.

To make a mummy, wrap a gourd in gauze and add some googly eyes stickers.

For a gory gourd, you can “behead” a gooseneck, and paint the cut ends red, creating decapitated decor.

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Halloween, Graveyard Decor for Halloween

Add speech bubbles so the gourds can talk as well as see. You can download our templates and use our words, fill in our blank templates, or make your own speech bubbles with your favorite exclamations or occasion-specific expressions (“Happy Boo-Day!”).

What You’ll Need


Step 1 Download our Darcy Miller Designs Eyeballs and Speechbubbles template, print, and cut out. Attach eyes to gourds with glue dots or tape. Tape ghost cut-outs to skewers and place among the gourds so they seem to float above them.

Step 2 Choose one or two gourds to turn into mummies. Tape the end of a roll of gauze to the gourd, then wrap until covered, tape off the end, and attach google eyes or paper eyes with glue dots or tape.

Step 3  Arrange gourds into a centerpiece and lean gravestone templates against them. Now, your’re gourd to go!

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