You’ve never seen kids so happy to find a carrot on their dinner plate! This favor looks like a carrot, but it’s a fun welcome goodie in disguise for all the little bunnies who hop to the table. Fill a bag with your favorite orange candy and wrap in a napkin for a freshly-picked place setting that doubles as decor. You can also hide candy carrots around the house for little ones to find at Easter, line up row of them down the table as a centerpiece for a spring dinner party, or set out a harvest basket filled with them for guests to take as favors at a bunny baby shower. For a more elegant version—with bread sticks instead of sweets—click here.

When setting the table get inspired by carrot colors! You can set out bowls of green grapes or celery are great, and don’t forget actual carrots, too! Candy (like jellybeans) comes in carrot colors, too, for a sweet touch. Cover the table with white paper so kids can doodle and play games (make sure to set out crayons or colored pencils, too), plus you can write the placecards right on the table. A sprinkle of confetti makes the table extra festive!

What You’ll Need:

  • Orange Square Paper Dinner Napkin
  • Green Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Orange Candy (jellybeans shown here)
  • Clear Piping Bag (or other cone shaped treat bag or ziploc bag)

Step 1 Open up the paper napkin into a rectangle.

Step 2 Fold the right side from the bottom corner up toward the center of the napkin

Step 3 Fill a clear treat bag bag with orange candy, tie closed with green ribbon, and place the bag on left (unfolded) side of napkin

Step 4 Start rolling the napkin around the candy bag to make a cone

Step 5 Tuck the end of the napkin below the bag to secure.