Set a spring table that’s garden-ready! Something as simple as folding your napkin in the shape of a carrot can make a table perfect for a weekend brunch, a garden party shower, or for getting the family together for Easter. This is a place setting that doubles as decor.

Use an orange napkin, and follow these easy folding steps before filling them up with breadsticks hungry bunnies can snack on before a meal is served. You can even add a bundle of fresh or dried herb “carrot tops” tied together with a ribbon for guests to take home as a favor. For a sweet, paper-napkin version that’s just right for kids, click here. Don’t have orange napkins? Take some inspiration from the farmers market and make some rainbow carrots!

What you’ll need:

  • Orange Cloth Square Napkin
  • Breadsticks (or other snack or favor to fill the napkin)
  • Herbs (try rosemary, tarragon, dill or parsley)
  • Ribbon (optional)

Step 1 Fold napkin in half so it forms a rectangle

Step 2 Take the bottom right corner of the rectangle and fold it up to meet the middle of the opposite side. You should now have a rectangle on the left half and a triangle on the right half of your napkin.

Step 3  Start rolling up from the left-hand corner toward the napkin’s center keeping the bottom point of the cone you’re rolling centered in the middle of napkin’s bottom edge.

Step 4 Keep rolling until the whole napkin is a cone.

Step 5  Place napkin seam down and open up center.

Step 6 Fill your finished cone with breadsticks or other snacks or favors. If you’re adding an herb “carrot top,” bundle your leafy herbs together and tie with a ribbon before sticking in!