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All it takes is a white marker or paint pen and some construction paper ears to turn black balloons into black cat balloon decor for Halloween. Fill balloons, draw on the kitty’s features, then download our ear template and cut ears out of black construction paper and tape them on. They’re a fun, fast way to decorate for Halloween at home.

If you fill the balloons with helium, you can tie one to each chair or float them above the centerpiece for a Halloween Party. If you blow them up yourself, scatter them around the table, prop them against something to create a centerpiece, or tie ribbons on and tie them to doorknobs, chairbacks, or any place else.

You can also use the balloons to play a Monkey in the Middle—only this time it’s kitty in the middle! Or, toss it back and forth to see how long you can keep it in the air.

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You can extend the black cat theme with candy-filled, black-cat-shaped favor bags.

If cats aren’t your ideal Halloween companion, draw on white balloons with black marker to create ghosts. You can also use a black marker to draw a ghost face onto a white balloon, or a jack o’lantern onto an orange one. Or add a face and ears to a brown balloon, tie it to your wrist and “walk” your dog. And if you tie one to the wrist of a trick-or-treater, they’re a great way to spot your child in a crowd.

The possibilities for designs are endless! Dream one up, grab a marker and you’re flying high for Halloween.

What You’ll Need:

  • Black Balloons
  • Black Ribbon
  • White Paint Pen
  • Black Construction Paper
  • White Paper or Cardstock
  • Cat’s Ear Template
  • Tape


Step 1 Inflate a black balloon, tying a length of ribbon into the knot.

Step 2 Draw a cat’s face onto the balloon using a white paint pen or marker.

Step 3 Download our cat’s ear template onto white paper or card stock, print and cut out. Trace template onto black construction paper using white paint pen (or a white crayon or chalk). Cut out ear, making a snip where indicated.

Step 4 Fold the bottoms of the ears back, following the dotted line. Curve the ears so that the edges overlap along the central slit, creating an ear shape, and tap the flaps to the balloon to make ears. Now you have a black cat to keep you company this Halloween!

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