Valentine’s Day is almost here so here are some of my favorites gifts! (Can you guess what I got my family?)


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1. Mini heart shaped cocottes from Martha Stewart for cooking your Valentines dinner.

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2. My Georgetown Cupcakes Sweet Talk collection because who doesn’t love cupcakes?

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3. Classic white button down from Misha Nonoo with your custom embroidery in the collar.

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4. Get an edible picture printed in a chocolate frame for your sweetie from Bon Bon Bon.

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5. Mark and Graham embroidered pocket squares where you write your own message.

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6. Let them play love songs all day long with this retro bluetooth speaker/radio from Muzen.

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7. Who doesn’t need a kissable sheer red lipstick like this one from Beauty Counter.

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8. I <3 these studs from Draper James that go with everything.

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9. I love charms and Juju supply has a charm for any occasion, including Valentine’s day.

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10. I love giving these matching Roller Rabbit heart pajamas to parents and kids.

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11. My Paris View decal from Chasing Paper brings the City of Love to any room.

1. Heart Dish, 2. Darcy Miller X Georgetown Sweet Talk Cupcakes 3. Shirt 4. Chocolate Frame, 5. Pocket Square, 6. Speaker/Radio, 7. Lipstick, 8. Earrings, 9. Necklace, 10. Pajamas, 11. Darcy Miller X Chasing Paper Decal