Join the celebration on Hollywood’s biggest night by inviting your best supporting actors and actresses to an Academy Award viewing party where everyone leaves a winner. Here’s how to share the big night’s spotlight:


Bring in the Stars! Buy or cut out paper stars and hang them from the ceiling, string them into garlands, and scatter them across the table as confetti. (Tickets work, too) Dress up glasses with star shaped wine charms. Download template here

Spotlights! Create a “red carpet” photo booth with Hollywood props (clapperboards, Oscar statuettes, sunglasses, director’s megaphone) so your friends can snap selfies and do “red carpet interviews.” (Who am I wearing tonight?)

Have you own “walk of Fame” and put out these decals for guests to write names on and take home.

Statuettes! Stand up paper cutouts write everyone’s name on one as a placecard, use as decor or a photobooth prop. (Here’s a scandalous bit of Oscar lore: Bette Davis claims the statuette got his nickname because when she won hers in 1936, she remarked that the little guy’s butt looked like her husband, Oscar’s, when he got out of the shower.)

Shine! —it’s all about gold, to match the statuette.


Set up buffets and snack food that’s heavy on movie theater staples—popcorn and candy!

Popcorn Bar: Set out a station with popcorn and toppings and let everyone act as their own craft services. Include movie-theater candy (like Milk Duds and gummies) so that fans can make a salty-sweet mix.

Popcorn Everywhere!: Even dessert can look like movie theater snack if you serve popcorn-topped cupcakes or popcorn bark in popcorn cartons.

Best Supporting Snacks: Serve food and drinks inspired by the nominated films: Jimmy Hoffa’s Ice cream sundaes from The Irishman, pickled limes for Little Women, huevos divorciados for A Marriage Story.

A Star is Eaten: Anything’s Oscar-ready if it’s shaped like a star. Use a cookie cutter to shape sandwiches, fruits, or sweets from cookies to rice krispie stars.

Specialty sweets: Serve oscar shaped macarons like these from Macarune, cookies with portraits of the nominees, or anything gold are star studded

Fun & Games

Play Oscar-themed games

Pass out ballots so everyone can pick their favorites during the pre-show.

During commercial breaks, have a round of Celebrity or Charades where every answer is a nominated actor or film.
Play dress-up! Invite friends to come dressed as a character from one of the films, whether that’s a prairie dress for Little Women or a red sweater for Mr. Rogers.

Take a sip of champagne each time someone thanks their agent.

At the end of the night, give each guest a statuette with their own award (Best Supporting Channel Changer! Best Costume! Best Director—for the person who guesses the movies right.)

1. Star Piñata, 2. Star Chocolates, 3. Popcorn Containers, 4. Clapperboard, 5. Tickets,
6. Champagne Glasses, 7. Gold Tray, 8. Star Cookie Cutters, 9. Bow Tie Set, 10. Walk of Fame Decal, 11. Star Headband, 12. Gold Nail Polish, 13. Directors Megaphone