A Super Bowl party is always fun even if you’re not there for the football! The game is big, the half-time show is epic, the commercials are clever, and the snacks are more than your standard chips and dip.

Here are some ways to earn some extra points at your party.

Bring the Field Inside
Even if the most athletic thing you’re doing on Super Bowl Sunday is reaching across the table for another nacho, you can at least make it feel like you’re on the field by turning everyday objects into stadium decor

Cover a table in green paper or a green tablecloth

Use chalk, paint pens, or white tape to make yard lines

Cut football shapes out of cork for coasters

Set up goal posts at either end of your trays

Track the score (and predictions!) on a chalkboard

Sport Your Team Colors

That’s the best thing about Super Bowl parties: they come with a color palette built in! Get inspired by the competing team’s colors in your decor.

Foam fingers, pompoms, megaphones and streamers: all fun party supplies that come in a variety of colors. Have a selection by the door for guests to name their allegiance…and root for their team with.

Everything in team colors: Napkins, paper straws, paper plates, iced cupcakes, dyed cookie batter, make a sweet and salty snack mix using M&Ms


Recruit the Snacks for the Team

MVP of any Super Bowl party is the food. Step yours up a notch!

Make finger food easy with toothpicks topped with on-theme cutouts

Decorate cookies or cupcakes with Xs and Os and make plays on the table

Use condiments like mustard, mayo, or ketchup to draw football laces on burgers and hot dogs

Try a potato chip bar and label each kind with a football-shaped cutout

Set out a baked potato bar–potatoes already look like footballs!

Game Time!

You might be there to watch a game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play games while you do

Make prediction cards for your guests to fill out like who will be the MVP, what brand will have the wildest commercial, or what the final score will be. Person who gets the most right wins a prize!

Bring back old school paper tabletop football and use our goal post printouts if you’re feeling festive

Rate the commercials! Whether you hand out paddleboards to vote 1-10, or vote on favorites at the end of the night, it’s no secret that the commercials are one of the best parts of the Super Bowl.


  1. Mini Casserole Dish with Lid, 2. Table Runner, 3. Paper Bowl Set, 4. Football Cutting Board, 5. Wood Spoons, 6. Ice Bucket, 7. Football Piñata, 8. Napkins