The best way to figure out a theme for a party is to think about your guest of honor: What do they like to eat? Where do they love to travel? What’s their favorite item of clothing? My brother-in-law is a huge fan of tie dye shirts so we ran with that idea for his party, a small dinner celebration. He was so surprised!

Tie-dye sets a far-out mood—and a psychedelic palette—all its own, but you could throw a party inspired by any pattern your honoree is known for wearing, from pinstripes to gingham to Liberty prints. Just scan a piece of fabric in that pattern and you’ve got the basics for all kinds of decor elements from the tablescape to the favors.

For the party’s pattern, we tie-dyed a few dyeable napkins using this kit, then scanned our favorite to use in decor. (The other attempts ended up as napkins on the table.)

1. Zip Pouches, 2. Gloves, 3. T-Shirts, 4. Scrunchies, 5. Rubber Bands, 6. Handkerchief

Once it was scanned, we could print it out to create everything from party hats to custom chocolate bar wrappers. If you love the idea of a tie-dye party, but don’t want to dye your own fabric, click here to download our pattern.

We filled these balloons in tie-dye colors with helium so they could float above the table—an easy way to make a huge impact.

1. Napkins, 2. Balloons, 3. Socks, 4. Basketball, 5. Kids Hoodie, 6. Tie-Dye Kit, 7. Record Player

I sourced tie-dye inspired sweets from some of my favorite bakers. Lulu Cake Boutique made this bright cake.

These sherbet-colored tie-dye macarons from Macarune complemented the cake with their splashy swirls.

Wendy Kromer baked these kaleidescopic cookies in simple circles and in tiny t-shirts that pay tribute to tie-dye Ts

Sweet rainbow sprinkles hint at the psychedelic swirls inside these cake balls from The Flourshop.

It’s so easy to put together a full spectrum of rainbow-patterned treats!

1. Lollipops, 2. Cookies, 3. Twizzlers, 4. Hard Candies, 5. Cake Balls, 6. Mini Cupcakes, 7. Cookie Jar