For Halloween at home, keep decor suitable for little goblins of all ages by incorporating Halloween symbols that are more funny than frightening. Black Cats, witches’ hats, and googly-eyed mummies that make up this sweet and spooky kids table for Halloween at home. Cover the table with black paper and get creative adding extras from spiderweb-like netting to plastic bones. It’s a fun way to create a sweet and spooky kids table for Halloween at home.

Decorate with Funny Faces

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Halloween

Float a few friendly black cats above the table by drawing faces on black balloons using white marker, and taping on some construction paper ears.

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Halloween

Add marker, construction paper features, googly eyes or stickers to treat bags, fill them with candy, and leave one at each place as a fun favor. (For instructions, click here.) The cute cat here goes perfectly with our cat balloons and black-cat-and-gravestone decor.

Add candy eyes to brownies (stick them on with chocolate ganache or dabs of any other icing). Now the dessert you’re eyeing can stare right back at you. Making the brownies before decorating them can be another fun activity for a kids’ Halloween party.

Another fun way to add expression to dessert: turn cake balls into mummies by covering them in melted white chocolate and adding candy eyes. (For a detailed how-to, click here.)

Print Out Some Pals

Invite a few ghoulish guests to the party by printing out our templates of witches’ hats and feet so that the wicked witch can “fly” into a bowl of grapes or have a turn bobbing for apples. Our templates also include grinning jack o’lanterns, black cats, bat’s wings, friendly ghosts, and spooky gravestones, so you can put a different print out in one of several bowls and spread them around the house for trick-or-treating at home. The templates come in color or in black and white so kids can color them in as a Halloween craft.

Print out tombstones being visited by black cats to turn the table into a haunted graveyard—you can also tape them to bags of candy tied to the balloon strings to act as weights, or scatter them across the table.

1. Plates, 2. Cups, 3. Cake Stand, 4. Coffin Box, 5. Skull Beads, 6. Glow-in-the-Dark Beads, 7. Cat Cups, 8. Black Bowl, 9. Sugar Eyes, 10. Witch Bowls, 11. Black Paper Bag, 12. Eyeball Piñata

Keep Kids Busy!

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Halloween

Trick or Treating’s not the only game in town on Halloween. Cover the table in Black construction paper, pass out white markers and let the games begin! Kids can play Tic Tac Toe with Halloween candy, Halloween Hangman using spooky words, or just write messages to each other (Boo to You!) on the paper tablecloth and balloons.

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Halloween

What’s inside this creepy coffin? (It’s really just a simple box from a craft store, personalized with our downloadable tomb art.) If kids dare to open it, they’ll find a fun activity, Fill it with beads to turn into friendship bracelets or decorative strings for masks.

Another fun project for this Halloween? Have kids decorate their own face masks with fabric markers, stick-on gems and other embellishments—you can even stash supplies them in the mummy box above. Click here for a how-to on making masks.

Here’s a sweet idea (and a handy way to use up some Halloween candy). String candy into necklaces or holders for their masks. Click here for a more detailed how-to.

If you want to set up a grow-up spread to go along with this sweet and spooky table for Halloween at home, click here.

  1. Black Mask, 2. White Mask, 3. Fabric Sharpies, 4. Self-Adhesive Pearls, 5. Rhinestone Glue, 6. Rhinestones, 7. Self-Adhesive Felt