Darcy Miller Designs_Lemon Table

Nothing says summer like summer like a table filled with fresh flowers, fresh fruit, fresh décor ideas…and of course, some lemonade!


What You’ll Need for the Setting Shown Here:

  • Lemon Sticker Labels Template
  • Round Sticker paper
  • String (White and Silver Baker’s Twine shown here)
  • Lemon Place Card Template
  • Scissors
  • Yellow Patterned Napkin
  • Glass of Lemonade
  • Lemon Candy Sticks
  • fresh fruit and flowers
  • Marker


How To:

Step 1 Print Lemonade Stand Template onto sticker paper.

Step 2 Cut string to the desired length of your garland. Peel off a lemon sticker, place the thread about a quarter of the way down on the sticky side, and place another sticker on the other side of the string to make a two-sided lemon medallion. Repeat every few inches until garland is as full of as many lemons as you like.

Step 3 Print out Lemon Place Card Template and cut out lemon shapes. Write the name of a guest on each place card and set on each wooden placesetting.

Step 4 Set everything out as shown and start celebrating!

Darcy Miller Designs_2017.30.00660_web

Add an extra touch to your dessert! Top plain cupcakes with lemon slices—real, candied or even lemon candy—for on theme treats.