One of my favorite memory keeping tips that is fun, easy, and meaningful is recreating old photos of family or friends—and displaying the old and new versions together.

You might take the same posed photo every year (all the siblings lined up by the fireplace in winter or at the beach in summer). Or, you might change up the pose but keep the location the same, or collect photos from the same holiday each year. If you’re pairing classic photos and new ones in a gallery wall, and want a cohesive look, you can print out current photos in black and white to match the old ones. And you don’t have to hang these on the wall to make the most of recreating photos—these pairings make great scrapbooking ideas, too! Your family can even jump on the TikTok trend of recreating classic family photos by taking the same pose as in an old picture while “I’m Just a Kid” plays in the background—think pulling your “babies” onto your lap even though they’re now taller than you.

Pairing classic photos makes photo organization easy and interesting, by making sure favorite pictures never get lost in a drawer. Plus, the process of recreating old photos is just as fun as looking at the finished product. After all, good memories shouldn’t stay in the past; they should be brought into the present плед купить киев!

Fun Photo Pairings

Darcy Miller Designs, Scrapbox

Family Classics: Go through your parents’, grandparents’, or your own old photos to find a favorite to recreate and display in the same frame. That’s what I did with this picture of my grandmother reading to my mom, once I became a mom myself.

Sibling Acts: Show how everyone’s grown by pairing pictures of your kids in similar poses or locations from different years, or recreating a favorite picture of yourself and your siblings then and now.

Happy Hangs: Sort through your own favorite old photos to find pictures with your best friends, and recreate those—you and your besties hugging at graduation, toasting at each other’s birthdays, or on an annual girlfriends’ getaway.

Holidays: Hang a series of holiday card photos or pictures from your annual vacation купити мультитул

Trip Pics: Dedicate a wall to your travels, showing you and your family in front of different landmarks or sites).

Love Stories: Fill a wall with family weddings (your parents’, your in-laws’, your siblings’).

Darcy Miller Designs, Scrapbox

Annual Update: Take the same photo of your child every month of the first year, or every year from one to 21, or every five years—at age 5, 10, 15 or, snap a photo on a particular occasion like the first day of school, the first and last day of each grade, or blowing out the candles at a birthday.

Time Travel: Hang portraits посуда of different generations side by side: Your senior picture, your mom’s, and your daughter’s

Clothes Call: Group pictures of your kids all wearing the same thing, whether it’s the exact same piece of clothing (a hand-me-down everyone loves), or the same genre (each of them in their Halloween costumes, ballet costumes or soccer uniforms, or holiday pajamas)

Darcy Miller Designs, Scrapbox

Place Settings: Recreate photos taken in the same—or a similar—place. The houses are different, but this picture of my father’s family on their front steps inspired us to take our own version of a front-step photo (before we got our dog!).

Recreate Art: Pose your kids—or yourself—like your favorite artwork, whether it’s you as the Thinker or your ballet-loving daughter like a Degas ballerina. Then hang a photo of the artwork and the recreation side by side.

Once you’ve assembled some pairings or groupings, there are so many fun things you can do with them.

Hang them on the wall or from clips like a garland or banner
Group them together on the mantel or a desktop, bureau, piano, bookshelf, wherever!
Organize them into a scrapbook
Display them in an accordion file купить набор кастрюль
Upload them and send to a company that prints digital scrapbooks like Artifact Uprising or Shutterfly; you can make multiples to give to all the cousins or grandparents, or make a new version every year.
Turn them into jewelry by putting photos side by side in a locket or cufflinks
Save them in a digital or analog file to turn them into gifts or decor for anniversaries, graduation parties and other special occasions

However you choose to recreate classic photos, you’ll be glad you did! Displaying photos keeps happy moments, купить тактические перчат киfamily stories and special memories alive.

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