Surprising, sweet, and easy to make, these Surprise Heart Valentines are fun- and love-filled gifts for your Valentine or Galentine. This cute heart-shaped, treat-filled pouch is also a sweet favor for a V-day or b-day party, bridal shower, or any other celebration of love.

To make this DIY Valentine’s Day gift, start by downloading our Surprise Heart Valentines template, and using it to cut hearts out of crepe paper or copy paper. Slip small pieces of candy, erasers, stickers, lucky fortunes, or other tiny treats in between two before gluing them shut. Decorate them with our downloadable hearts, arrows, and sweet messages, or write your Valentine’s name or a little love note on the heart packet. Then hand it to your sweetie or pal and tell them to go ahead and break your heart, by tearing it down the middle to find the surprise inside.

You can also use the card template to cut hearts out of wrapping paper or copies of photos or children’s drawings—basically any thin paper that will tear! If the heart has a love note or poem or a drawing or photo your Valentine will want to keep, there’s no need to destroy it by tearing it open. Instead of candy, fill it with dried lavender or other potpourri to make a keepsake sachet. Whatever’s inside, have fun making them personal! Write a love note or favorite quote on your heart, or draw a picture of your friends—or even your pet!


There are so many ways you can use the cut out hearts!

Draw on them to use as cards
String them together in a garland
Write guests’ names on them (whether they’re pouches or just hearts) and use as placecards
Write a couple’s name in the middle of the heart as decor for an engagement party or wedding
Fill a series of pouches with small gifts or IOUs as a grab bag
Or, to really make a splash—put a wedding ring inside the pouch and propose!

However you choose to use yours it will fill your Valentine’s heart with love!

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What You’ll Need:

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentine's Day


Step 1 Download the Full Heart Valentine Craft paper template, print, and cut out hearts and labels/add-ons. (Make sure to print out two copies for front and back, or leave a blank one for the back so you can write a note, or mix and match designs.) Or, if you’re using crepe paper, trace the template and cut out two crepe paper hearts.

Step 2 Squeeze a thin line of white glue around the inside edge of the hearts—or dip a toothpick or q-tip in white glue and use that to draw the line. Glue the hearts together, leaving a 2 inch opening on one of the straight edges. Let the pouch dry.

Step 3 Fill the heart-shaped pouch with candy or another small, thin treat, then glue the 2-inch opening closed and let dry.

Step 4 Finally, decorate your full heart! Glue on our paper add-ons, add stickers, or decorate any way you like before giving it to someone who fills your heart.