Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

Whether you’re sending cards to your sweetie, your galentines, or every kid in the class, nothing says Valentine’s Day like a handmade card! These fun, fast, DIY Valentine cards are easy to make and will warm the hearts of your Valentines! Pull out the papers, markers, and scissors and get ready for a fun-filled crafternoon. There are so many ways to share the love!


Give Sweet Hearts to Your Sweetheart

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

Let a foil-wrapped, heart-shaped candy do the talking! Write a message—you can’t go wrong with I Love You—and substitute the “love” with a foil-wrapped heart held in place with double stick tape or a glue dot. That’s just one of the fun things you can do with a foil-wrapped heart and a card; for more ideas, click here. This technique is so easy to do, it’s perfect for a little lovebug whose heart belongs to Daddy (or anyone else whose name they can spell!)

Use the letters of their name to create an acrostic message—try this for your Magnificent Omniscient Mom.

Draw a Picture

Draw your Valentine’s portrait, a bouquet of flowers, or another illustration (there’s nothing grandparents love more than a drawing from the grandkids). You can also use a candy heart to punctuate an illustration instead of a phrase, like in the acrostic Valentine above.


Stamp It

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

Pick a drawing you love—whether it’s yours or one made by the youngest artist in your family—and have it turned into a rubber stamp. (There are lots of vendors online that will make a stamp out of any image you upload.) Then you can grab an ink pad and stamp the image onto anything from a card to a gift box.

Give an I.O.U.

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

Print out our Valentine coupon template—or make your own—and fill it in with a promise of a treat to be delivered whenever they want it. That might be breakfast in bed, a trip to zoo, or whatever their hearts desire.

Punch It Out!

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

A heart-shaped punch makes it easy to snip heart-shaped confetti, or create heart-shaped windows into plain envelopes so your love peeps through. Punch a window that gives a glimpse of the drawing or message inside—it’s a sweet way to let someone know they’re in your heart.

Let Love Grow

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

Some people say it with flowers—but you can also say “I love you” with seeds. Cut or punch hearts out of plantable paper filled with seeds. Then attach it to a card along with instructions on how to plant the paper. Now your Valentine can watch flowers grow along with your love!

You can also fill any card with plantable seed paper heart confetti—a rainbow of colors and a range of heart sizes are available on Etsy.

Puzzle It Out

Write a love note, cut it into a puzzle, and let your Valentine put together the pieces to read your message.

Take a Picture

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

Print out a picture of the two of you (or your whole crew) and cut it into a heart-shaped card—or cut out a picture of yourself to give to your sweetie. You can also slip a photo into a card with a heart-shaped cut-out that lets the photo peek through; cut a heart out of construction paper, or use a heart punch. Write a message on the back, slip it into an envelope and hand someone your heart!

Seal the Deal

Darcy Miller Designs, Valentines Day

Show your Valentine that your love is in the bag! Fill a clear cello bag with candies or small gift. Fold a piece of white cardstock in half to create a tented card, then write I LOVE U, replacing the word “love” with a heart cut out of red paper, a red heart drawn with marker, a heart-shaped sticker or a foil-wrapped candy heart taped on to the paper. Hold the folded paper over the top of the cello bag and staple it shut. Now you’ve got a gift and card all in one!