Get in touch with your inner artist by making these Jackson-Pollock-inspired rocks. Whether you choose one of his paintings as a model (ours as 26A Black and White), or pick your own color palette, you’ll definitely make a splash! Your rock masterpieces make great paperweights or gifts for your art-loving friends (or the teacher of your art class!).

You can also pick an artist, learn about his or her technique, and use it as inspiration for your own designs. Think of:

Modernism—the bright shapes and colors of Mondrian
Pointillism—Georges Seurat’s tiny dots
Contemporary Art—go for the larger dots of Damien Hirst
Impressionism—the tiny brushstrokes of Van Gogh, or the shapes of Matisse
Pop art—Keith Haring’s graffiti art or Roy Licthenstein’s cartoons

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Darcy Miller Designs, Camp Darcy

What You’ll Need

  • Smooth stone
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Big Brushes
  • Dropcloth or Newspaper
  • Water
  • Cups

Step 1: Set up your rocks on drop cloth or some newspaper; make sure you’ve covered enough space to protect the floor from all the splatters.

Step 2: Put each of your colors into a cup. A drop at a time, add water so that the paint is fluid and can drip, but not so much that it becomes watery.

Step 3: Dip a big brush into the paint, then flick, shake, and splatter it over all your rocks. (You need a larger brush with enough bristles to pick up a lot of paint.) Don’t let the brush touch the rocks, make sure they are full of paint so it drips off. When you are done splattering all your colors, let the rocks dry.